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How long in advance should I book my photo session?

No later than a week before the desired session date.

How soon do I need to pay my session retainer?

Your session is not considered booked until the contract is signed and the retainer paid. This leaves your desired date and time open for someone else to book if one or both of these requirements are not met.

How many images would I receive and how?

15 minute mini sessions- 4 images

30 minute mini sessions- 10 images

45 minute sessions- 15 images

1 hour sessions- 20 images

90 minute sessions- 25 images

2 hour sessions- 30-35 images (depending on session type)

3 hour sessions- 40 images

Client would receive an email from my proofing site through Shootproof. Images can be selected directly from site as favorites. Client would receive their selected images via dropbox. If the client chooses more images than what comes with their package they will receive an invoice for the additional cost. 

How much are additional digital images?

$15 per image

If I am going to be late or cannot make it how soon should I contact my photographer?

At times I am on location as early as 15 minutes prior to session. It is best if the client lets me know as soon as possible as I may have other sessions/events after the booked session.

What if I am late to my session?

Photographer reserves the right to leave after 15-20 mins that the client is late, especially if client does not communicate that they are going to be late. In the event that client shows up, the time will be deducted from the session length. Ex. Client shows up 20mins late to a 1 hr session, photographer will only photograph client for remaining 40mins of session. (20mins late to a 30min session, only 10mins session time remaining ect)

If client is late and photographer does not have a session after client’s session, can they recoup that time during the session?

Photographer may grant client a window of 5-10mins depending on traffic if available, however any later that 10 mins can be regained at a price of $25 per 15 mins desired.

Are there A la carte options for my wedding if I do not want the collections?

Yes, wedding photography is $275 an hour and includes a Shootproof gallery for proofing.

What is the turnaround time on my session images?

Portrait sessions: 7-14 days

Events: 7-21 days

Weddings: 6 to 9 weeks

What is the best way to contact my photographer?

Email and text during the day (8am-4pm)

Call (4:30pm-7:00pm)


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